Women's Divorce Counseling in Greenville, SC

Divorce is not something that anyone looks forward to. 

Whether you were the one that initiated it or not, the process is never easy. There’s legal work to go through, dividing up the lives you’d built together, and mourning the loss of the marriage you dreamed would be. 

I provide women’s divorce counseling in Greenville, SC, and I can help you take back your life and stop reliving the past.

Society has deemed women the foundation of the family, and when there’s a divorce, they end up carrying additional guilt, no matter the circumstances that led up to the end of the marriage. 

When it comes to children, women are often primarily responsible for taking care of them, and divorce only increases these responsibilities. By the time a couple decides to separate, the emotional and mental burden can deteriorate the self-esteem of the mom. Taking the bold step to go for women’s counselling in Greenville, SC, allow me to work with you to acclimate to the change in responsibilities.

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Women and Divorce: Grief and Mourning

Divorce signifies a significant loss. Most people go into marriage with hope and security regarding their choice of a soulmate. However, when things take a turn for the worst, moms are left with an overwhelming feeling of failure, even when they are not to blame. 

Regardless of the divorce, there’s a period of grief, because of the emotions invested in the relationship.

Through my work offering women divorce counseling in Greenville, SC, I can help you deal with the subsequent grief resulting from lingering hopes for the relationship and the lost family. 

I will help you set goals for your new life without this relationship and provide guidance and encouragement to help you reach them. I also help moms understand their new responsibilities and avoid the diminished standard of living.

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to navigate the intensity and variability of emotions associated with divorce. 

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