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According to a recent study by Women’s Health, it was discovered that working women are twice as likely to get anxiety disorders than their male counterparts. This can lead to tension, increased physical changes like blood pressure, and worry. 

And it’s no wonder why – as a working mom, you’ve not only got the career stress, but before you even start the day of work, you have to get kids to school, make sure they’ve had breakfast, make sure they’ve packed their homework from last night… 

Although anxiety is normal, it can lead to severe mental, physical, and emotional deterioration if it is allowed to grow. As a professional therapist, I can help you navigate the overwhelming challenges of being a career-oriented mom.

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Working Moms Anxiety: Undertreated and Undiagnosed

I understand the repercussion of long-term stress on an individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Finding the balance between personal and professional life is not easy, and the fact that someone is constantly busy doesn’t exempt them from worry. 

I can help you find the balance and alleviate feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed.

With years of experience as a therapist, I believe that even the most vital working moms need help. That’s why I work with you to improve the management of anxiety and improve your general wellness.

I offer therapy for moms in Greenville, SC, so I can help women find the balance between personal and professional life.

Becoming a parent changes everything.

I want to help you find your voice again and be able to make time for yourself again.

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