ABOUT Meredith Puckett

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate providing counseling in The Pettigru Historic District of Greenville, South Carolina

When I was in my final semester of graduate school to become a counselor, I learned my pregnancy was high risk. 

With only clinical hours and supervision remaining before graduation, I had to give it all up as I was put on bedrest for months. 

My dream of becoming a counselor and helping people was put on hold as I was launched into this scary position of needing to dedicate myself fully to being the best mom I could be for my small miracle baby. 

There were not enough books to study, nor articles to research, to make me feel prepared enough to do this job.

When my son was born, I was so happy and relieved! My high risk pregnancy had culminated in the successful birth of my beautiful baby boy (on his own schedule; not my perfect little planned arrival)!

At that time, I chose to stay at home with him for a few years. I thought I might do that the whole time he was in school… much credit to all the SAHMs! Infancy was bliss. I loved that age.

The next stages were not so easy for me. 

The struggle of motherhood was more real than ever. Infancy had its scary moments but toddlerhood was rough! All the differentiation made me feel ignored and defeated. I was running in constant circles chasing my tail to keep it somewhat together. 

With each stage came new delights, but also new challenges. I just wasn’t enjoying it like I felt I should because of the constant rush and tantrums and power struggles. My anxiety trumped the joy at times and that broke my heart.

My clients are looking to find a way to deal with all the stress, so they can have some time for themselves again.

I can help you relieve that stress!

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After struggling and loving my role as a SAHM for four years, I decided I was not doing anyone much good by being in my home all day feeling frustrated and defeated as soon as I woke up. 

I decided that I would go back and finish my last semester at Converse. I had a new goal in sight: Why not aim to help people, women, moms find their power and their voices again? If it happened to me, I am sure it must be happening to others. 

It is a desperate feeling to want to give a tiny human the best version of yourself and not be able to tap into it. I decided I would step back into my power and my light to help guide others back into theirs.

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I offer counseling in Greenville, South Carolina; in-person, or online via convenient video chat from anywhere in South Carolina.